Links to some selected texts...
Jeanne Randolph, Read Car (2007)
Katie Bethune-Leamen, Sticky. Droopy Slumpy Peely or “Inchoaaaaaaaaaaaate!" (as if yelled into a canyon) (2008)
Dan Adler,, Critic’s Picks: Kelly Jazvac at YYZ Artists Outlet (2008)
Jonathan Griffin, Introduction to FLOP catalogue (2009)
R.H. Lossin: Kelly Jazvac: Thermoloaded, review for The Brooklyn Rail (2011)
              Jon Davies: Kelly Jazvac: No Promises No Demands, exhibition essay for Oakville Galleries (2013)
              Patricia Corcoran, Charles Moore and Kelly Jazvac, "An anthropogenic marker horizon in the future rock record" in GSA Today (2014)
              Ben Valentine: Plastiglomerate, the Anthropocene's New Stone in Hyperallergic (2015)
              Kirsty Robertson: Plastiglomerate: A Provovation in e-flux journal (2016)
              Plastiglomerate: publication by Durable Good (2017)